Because of You, I Am is an exploration into the nature of the spiritual world. With courage, insight and humor, Mary Ann Bumbera reveals a deeper unseen reality that we are all part of but rarely consider.

Faced with the illness of her dog, Charlie, Mary Ann races to understand the nature of death. Is death really the end? Is this all there is? Do we have a spirit? Over time while Charlie’s illness worsens, Mary Ann discovers that there is far more to our existence than just the physical body, whether animal or human. She shares and celebrates her discoveries with readers; affirming that death is not the end for any being.

Stepping into unfamiliar territory, Mary Ann ventures into the ancient practice of Shamanism, energy healing and animal communication, which deepens her relationship with Charlie. She swims with humpback whales and dolphins, and experiences a profound connection.

Through her search she utterly transforms her understanding of Charlie, herself, and the nature of reality, including both death and life. She concludes nature in all its forms has a spirit or consciousness that is intelligent, benevolent and loving, and that is not extinguished following the death of the physical body.

The ideas in Because of You, I Am will linger long after you finish it. You will come away with a deeper connection to your spiritual self, to others in your life, and to animals, whether they are beloved pets or those found in nature. And you will have a better understanding of the mysterious power of love that transcends death.

“The enthusiasm and heart-felt presence in Mary Ann’s words are nothing short of amazing. She captures the essence of true animal/human bond with her endearing story. This book will touch your heart and soul.” —Carol Komitor, Founder, Healing Touch for Animals®

“Engaging as a mystery novel, the author conveys with moving intensity her journey of discovery about the nature of life and death found through love for her dog, Charlie. Among all the books written about the impact of animals’ lives and deaths on their people, this stands as a special gem of richness and depth.” –Penelope Smith, Founding Animal Communication Specialist, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit

About the Author

Mary Ann Bumbera divides her time between her farm in North Carolina and her business in Chicago. She shares her farm with dogs, cats and horses. Because of You, I Am is her first book. You can contact her at:

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