For journey’s long or short, and taking “home” wherever you go…

In Travelers: The Meaningful Journey, Régent Jean Cabana takes readers on a soul-affirming journey, making a strong case that the world outside, the one we travel into, responds to the world inside, the world we carry in our hearts and souls.

Cabana draws on both old and new age wisdom to illustrate the unique qualities of each individual traveler, while at the same time exemplifying the universal appeal and symbolic strength of the figure of “Traveler” as portrayed throughout the ages.

Travelers: The Meaningful Journey teaches us that our voyages can bring a special kind of wisdom when we are open to the possibilities, and it reminds us that home is within, not without. This is a book you will want to take with you wherever you go – whether it’s on a weekend pilgrimage or a month-long sojourn.

From the book:

“The idea of exploring, of discovering or uncovering new segments of reality, outwardly or inwardly, is a commanding impetus for movement. While the Age of European Exploration beginning in the 15th century sought to learn about the outside world, more recently the explorers of man’s emotional and intellectual worlds have wanted to learn about the inside world. But the link between these two realities has always existed.  No matter where the point of entry is, from inside or outside, establishing the correspondence between the two transmutes each reality and creates a third one, that of synthesis. The synergy of outer and inner realities is found in the contradictory aspects of our lives, and its synthesis ushers us toward a new direction, that of a more wholesome understanding of a reality freshly created with each breath we take. Perhaps the fragmentary appearance of our contemporary lives represents an opportunity to assemble disparate aspects of our lives, to examine them closely, one by one and then together, in order to understand who we are and what we do that is us. This us is also each one of us, the unique individual positions at the center of the universe, the axis mundi, the single individual who knows, beyond any doubt, that life is only possible because of his own unique awareness. Every one of us is invaluable.”

About the Author

Régent Jean Cabana is a passionate Traveler. At age 33 he made his childhood dream of circling the globe a reality when he began an eighteen-month sojourn traveling solo around the world. Returning home, he conducted a prolific ethnographic research on Travelers for his Ph.D. dissertation. He teaches comparative urban sociology classes in Mexico, Brazil and Canada to American and Canadian students. He is also a consultant in academic international programs.

The author describes travel as movement from one place to another or as a shift in consciousness, or both. He defines the journey as the awareness of movement, physical or psychological, and insists that the distance or the length of time incurred during the journey is irrelevant. What matters is the awareness of the journey. You will find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/regentjeancabana

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